Tips for Achieving Timeless Interior Design

The definition of timeless interior design will change depending on who you ask. There are, however, agreed tropes that are closely associated with timeless design. If a design scheme remains flexible and beautiful over a number of years, or an interior does not appear tied to a particular decade, it is typically considered timeless. Standing the test of time for a designer is a difficult task, but hugely rewarding if it is achieved. If you are looking to create a timeless look in your home, there are a number of tips out there to help you achieve it. We have collated some of those tips in this article

Today the team at Lees Furnishers are going to give you an insight into timeless decorating: giving you practical advice on how to create timeless interior design choices.

An Overview of Timeless Decorating

Timeless design is what every interior designer or home design enthusiast aims for. But what is actually meant by the term timeless interior design? In the design world, there are rules which, if followed, typically result in the creation of a space that people consider timeless. These include: avoiding trends, using classic patterns and palettes, using quality traditional furniture and not placing specific focus on tech. People often go more granular with this: choosing specific materials that are synonymous with timeless decorating. Examples of this would be wood flooring and marble countertops. 

Although the term ‘timeless’ has connotations of luxury and expense, a timeless interior can actually be created on a moderate budget if you know what to look for. Continue below where we outline how to achieve a timeless look in your home. 

Traditional Furniture and Timeless Interior Design

Timeless decorating is easier to achieve than most would assume. With a bit of perseverance and practical knowledge, you can easily create a timeless and luxurious interior in your home. Below are a few tips to get you started:

Opt for Neutral Colours

Wild and extravagant colours or palettes, although fantastic when chosen carefully, are closely associated with current trends. Often colours can be tied to a specific era, such as the specific palettes of the 70s. If you are trying to shoot for timeless, which often has no ties to any decade or current trend, then we would encourage you to opt for clean and neutral colours. And this does not have to be boring: there are plenty of neutral colours available that are hugely inviting and have tonnes of aesthetic value.  

Avoid Clutter

A cluttered home is a bad look regardless of the interior design scheme you are trying to emulate. If you picture timeless interior design in your head, you envisage a clean, well pulled together space. In order to create a timeless look, we encourage you to first properly organise the rooms in your home. Ensure spaces are tightly organised and make the best use of storage where possible.  

Blend Old and New 

A major component of timeless design is dissolving any ties within a space to a particular era or trend. A timeless space should masterfully combine old and new. This can easily be achieved by integrating vintage pieces of furniture and trinkets, as well as using popular patterns of the past. The goal is to create flexibility, as well as a space that is not anchored to any point past or present. 

Prioritise Traditional Patterns 

Timeless decorating makes use of items that are well established in the design world, rather than following current trends. This includes making use of items which have traditional prints and patterns on. Some good examples include florals, damasks and stripes. If you are trying to create a certain look within your home, you may want to avoid geometrics and animal prints. Although these work fantastically for more modern homes, they are unlikely to help you achieve a timeless look. 

Simple Furniture Is Better

When it comes to furniture, it is always best to avoid pieces with ornate details and eccentric shapes. Well made, traditional furniture with clean lines that incorporates neutral fabric says sophistication, and is conducive to creating your dream timeless space. 

Interior Design at Lees Furnishers

We hope you enjoyed the following article, and you now have some ideas for creating a space that exudes timeless elegance. In addition to stocking luxury furniture items, the team is well equipped to offer expert interior design advice. Our no obligation service can help give you practical advice and specific points on creating your dream interior. Visit our dedicated page today or contact us if you have any unresolved questions. 

1st October 2022