Sustainability at Lees is incredibly important to us. While we are passionate about the high-quality products and services we provide; we are also committed to ensuring we do this in a way which minimizes the impact on our environment.


For a number of years now we have been focused on recycling as much of our waste as possible. Whether its paper, cardboard or plastic, Lees put considerable effort into working with local waste management firms to ensure this is recycled. In addition to recycling packaging, we also work with local charities to ensure that any unwanted but reusable furniture can be repurposed rather than sent to landfill.

Energy Efficiency

We have a program in place to upgrade the lighting across our showroom and warehouse with the aim of reducing our energy consumption. We have large spaces and we want to ensure that we are lighting them in a way which minimizes our CO2 foot print.


All of the wood in the products we sell is responsibly sourced. We do not use wood that has been illegally felled or from protected or endangered species.