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Somnus Diplomat 11000 Mattress
The Somnus Diplomat Mattress explores an advanced sleep system featuring the Somnus pioneering Sensa Intelligent spring system with home grown flax and hemptex and Herdwick Eco wool for increased breathability. The Diplomat also features two rows of side stitching providing exquisite comfort, and is finished off with a soft feel, in house woven damask fabric.Enjoy a beautiful relaxing nights sleep...
Somnus Duchess 19000 Mattress
The Somnus Duchess mattress features sumptuous cashmere, the Duchess is handcrafted comfort with an innovative Sensa Intelligent spring system.The Somnus Duchess has three rows of precision side stitching added to the exquisite design. This mattress is crafted with a luxurious super soft feel, in house woven wool damask fabric that is 100% FR chemical free. Please do take a look at the short video...

Somnus Jewel 13000 MattressSomnus Jewel 13000 Mattress
Somnus Jewel 13000 Mattress
The Jewell 13000 Somnus mattress is created with Herdwick Eco Wool and mohair, the Jewel is luxuriously comfortable and is a piece of luxury we would not be without in our Mattress studio at Lees. The Jewell 13000 mattress has a Sensa Intelligent spring system, featuring multiple layers of micro springs, offering support all night long. Three rows of precision side stitching add to the exquisite design....
Somnus Marquis 21000 MattressSomnus Marquis 21000 Mattress
Somnus Marquis 21000 Mattress
The Somnus Marquis Mattress offers advanced comfort created for sustainability and comfort. The Somnus Marquis mattress features locally sourced Yorkshire Dales Eco Wool, and 21,000 Sensa Intelligent springs. With four rows of side stitching to the border and a luxurious, in-house woven wool damask fabric that is 100% FR chemical free. Enjoy a beautiful relaxing nights sleep with Somnus, with the added...