What Is the Best Flooring for My Home?

With so many flooring options available to modern homeowners, choosing the best flooring for your home can be overwhelming. All homeowners are unique, and thus homes are styled in a different way depending on personal preference and taste. This means that different types of flooring are required, and the type of flooring you use is often determined by your property’s decor. Afterall, you want all features in your home to work in harmony with each other. Today we are going to help owners decide what the best flooring for their property is, based on the current styling of the home. 

Different Types of Flooring

From carpet to wood and tile, there are different types of flooring that serve different purposes. Some have greater longevity, whilst others are more aesthetically pleasing. Homeowners are inundated with flooring options, so it can be difficult to determine what you need for your home. 

Moreover, different types of flooring may be suited to different areas of the home. Wood flooring, for example, in a bathroom can be very problematic because of the high levels of moisture in the air. The flooring is liable to expand and ruin in a wet environment. This is why the team at Lees Furnishers have prepared a guide to help readers understand what flooring is paired with their decor, as well as what flooring is best for particular areas of the home. 

The Best Flooring for Your Home 

The flooring you select for your property will be influenced by how your home is styled. Additionally, you will select different flooring throughout the property. We have taken four popular design styles below and paired them with flooring recommendations.


Whether you own an older home or you are simply trying to achieve an authentic look, a traditional property can be hugely welcoming and full of character. The best flooring for a traditional home is varied, but there are clear options that work. Wood features heavily in our list because it is highly versatile, durable and looks fantastic. For living areas, hallways and even dining areas, solid wood flooring can look great in a traditional home. Darker shades are paired better, and we have seen reclaimed wood put to use and deliver stunning results. 

One type of flooring we have not yet discussed is carpet. Depending on the shade, carpet can work in perfect harmony with a traditional property. Darker, more muted and neutral colours may work best depending on the look you are trying to achieve. For kitchens and bathrooms, a selection of heavy textured neutral tiles may work excellently.  


Homeowners following a contemporary design scheme may make different selections. A contemporary home can look like a number of things: from hugely minimalist to brutalist. Contemporary homes are often characterised by subtlety and simplicity. Spaces are often wide and colder palettes and textures are utilised. 

If you are looking to achieve an industrial-esque look in the home, polished concrete can be fantastic in the kitchen and bathrooms. Not only does it exude contemporary elegance, but it is durable when properly polished and sealed. Wood flooring may also be well suited to bedrooms, hallways and living spaces in contemporary homes. As is documented in the above photo, solid dark wood can significantly uplift a modern studio. Truthfully, a huge range of flooring can successfully work in a home with modern styling. Finding the right option for you will require research and planning. 


A minimalist home is one that utilises space and avoids cluttering areas of the property. Those interested in a minimalist look may have hugely simplified rooms that rely more on space and light than material items. 

If you are trying to find flooring that pairs well with a minimalist design scheme, you have a number of options. Simple and less textured wood flooring is fantastic for a number of areas in the home. If you are on a tighter budget, there are great laminate and vinyl flooring options available today that replicate the finish of wood flooring. The types of kitchen flooring available for a minimalist home are hugely varied too. A neutral porcelain tile can look stunning in a kitchen as well as bathroom. 


A bohemian home is one that adopts a carefree attitude to design. Homeowners with bohemian homes will focus on uniqueness and individuality in design, and will not be scared to go against the grain. 

This means that when looking for flooring that pairs with a bohemian design scheme, you have a wealth of options available. Whether it is wood, vinyl, tile or carpet, it can work as long as it has character and warmth. Patterned carpet, heavily textured wood flooring and rough cuts of tile all work excellently in a bohemian home.  

Lees Furnishers: A Specialist Flooring Supplier

We at Lees hope you enjoyed our article and have a better insight into the best flooring for your specific home. We have a large range of flooring available, including top sellers like our Amtico range as well as luxury vinyl flooring. If you can’t find what you are looking for, you are always welcome to contact us and speak to one of the team. We can always advise you on the best product based on your requirements. 



1st September 2022