Our Home Office Inspiration Guide

    The demand for home office inspiration has been on the rise in recent years. We can attribute this shift to factors such as the pandemic, which forced a great number of people to work from home or in remote environments. For furniture retailers and interior designers such as ourselves, the growing appetite for home office inspiration is hugely exciting. In the following article our team got to work sourcing inspiration for any of you who are looking to build your dream home office. They have used their experience and expertise to compile a number of design ideas that can be easily implemented. If you are looking to transform your home office, read on. 

    The Benefits of Creating a Home Office Space

    Nowadays, many people are opting to both create their own home office space and work remotely. For many, the benefits of working from home are truly innumerable. Not only have time and money savings been noted frequently by people who work remotely, but an increase in productivity has also been noted as well as far greater flexibility. Those who do decide to work from home on a regular basis, and really commit to the change, need to create a space that facilitates growth and productivity. This is where the home office space is created. 

    Home office inspiration is helpful if you are looking to create a space that feels like your own, but you lack the ingenuity to design your office from scratch. And we entirely sympathise: designing a space that is carefully put together, aesthetically pleasing and coordinated is highly challenging. This is why we have asked our team to do the heavy lifting. Continue below where we offer some expert home office design ideas. 

    Home Office Inspiration: Our Tips 


    Improve Blank Walls with Plants

    Not only are plants fantastic for productivity, as well as your mental health, but they look fantastic. Putting plants in your home office space is a quick and inexpensive way to create tonnes of aesthetic value. If you have any blank walls, and you have no art to hang, why not embellish the space with house plants?  

    Adopt a Minimalist Approach

    In contemporary design circles, minimalism is hugely popular. Minimalist designers look to prioritise what is essential, and strip objects and items to their core values. This does not mean that a minimalist space loses elegance either. There is great beauty in a home office that utilises the bare essentials. Plus, using a less is more approach will do wonders for your concentration and productivity levels.  

    Create a Multi Purpose Space 

    Often people require home office ideas for small spaces out of necessity: they simply do not have a lot to work with. But there is great value in multi-purpose spaces. Combining your kitchen and office, for example, can create a highly contemporary look and negates the need to create a whole new space. Multi purpose spaces are cost effective and pleasing to the eye. 

    Wall Hung Desk 

    In the case of a regular desk, you are somewhat limited in terms of placement. If you decide to hang your desk on the wall, the height is fully adjustable. Additionally, you are given more floor space which can be valuable in smaller offices. Aesthetically pleasing and highly practical, a wall hung desk is a great all rounder. 

    Hang Large Art Prints

    Being surrounded by art can improve the aesthetic appeal of any space vastly. What’s more, art can inspire you creativity and optimise your ability to be productive. Even if you do not work in an inherently creative industry, it is still important to approach tasks with enthusiasm and passion. Large scale art prints can help you achieve this! 

    Home Office Inspiration at Lees Furnishers

    The team hopes you enjoyed the following article. The inspiration tips listed in this article are only a starting point. If you are serious about renovating your home office space, and you wish to mould it around your personality, we encourage you to use all the research tools at your disposal. Sites like Pinterest, for example, are a great place to search for inspiration. If you are looking for stand out pieces to decorate your office, we have a fantastic range here at Lees Furnishers. Items like our stressless office chair are perfect modern home offices. 

    1st November 2022