How to Furnish a Small Lounge Room

There are many ways to furnish a small lounge. Plan your layout with Lees Furniture Furnishers to make the most of your space.

The charm and challenges of small spaces, when done well, can feel like cosy, intimate retreats. But often when you try to fill too much into one tiny space, the results can feel cramped and claustrophobic. 

The key to successful small-space living boils down to tricking the eye into seeing more space by employing three simple ideas: scale, light, and movement. We have plenty of small sitting room ideas here at Lees Furnishers.

What sofas are suitable for a small lounge?

When you’re approaching how to furnish a small lounge room, it’s a good idea to start with what is often the centrepiece of the room, the sofa. Sometimes people choose one that’s too large for the room, but they should be in proportion with the rest of your living space. Furniture for the small space is about proportions.

A small profile is important: you don’t want it to be chunky. So, avoid thick or high arms and a high back and stick to clean lines; make sure there is space under the sofa so it doesn’t hit the ground. Well known for their smart functions, outstanding quality, comfort and pure Norwegian design, the clean lines of our Stressless furniture work perfectly in a small lounge.

A modern take on the classic recliner, the Stressless Wave 3 Seater Sofa Low Back boasts a slimmer silhouette than a traditional recliner. Recliners for small spaces satisfy particular requirements by saving space and won’t give your room a cramped look. 

To create a sense of roominess, leave a little air in between the sides of your sofa and the walls and beneath the furniture. 

Light up a small living rooms

Lighting is a really important feature when you’re considering how to decorate a small living room. Draw the eye upwards by installing a feature light on the ceiling or create mood lighting with a floor light that doesn’t take up space on your side tables. Choose the classic contemporary Ivanna floor lamp with just one rich mahogany wooden leg as opposed to three legs that taper out, so you’ll save lots of space.

Will a mirror make my room feel bigger?

Adding a mirror to the wall of a smaller room is a classic tip to make your room appear larger by helping light bounce around the room. More light in the room means a sense of more air and space.

Place the Bianca mirror, from the Italian furniture collection, as a focal point, near a window to reflect the world outside.

Or even one of our mirrored Amiri coffee, console or lamp tables crafted from polished stainless steel and clear toughened glass gives the same effect and tricks the eye to make the room seem bigger.

Fix your television to the wall

Placing anything off the ground is going to make the small living room feel larger. Make sure the TV isn’t too dominant in the room: a big black box in a small lounge room is going to be overbearing.

It’s important to not put too many ornaments into a small living room. Instead, try a floating shelf above your TV or draw your eye up from the floor with a tall, slim display cabinet, such as the Latina glass display cabinet. The cabinet is finished in a deep espresso oak on thin, black, metal legs, with air flowing underneath. Your small living room will suddenly feel taller and you’ll still have all your favourite things to admire.

How to choose the right fabric for your curtains

Floor-length panels draw the eye upward along the length of the curtains, creating an illusion of height. Use a curtain pole that extends far beyond the window frame so you can fully expose the window. Choose fabrics and rugs in small prints, plain or unified colours that will visually expand a small room. Think in a colour palette that’s light and neutral to expand your space visually.

Lees fabric department features hundreds of beautiful curtain fabrics, from  Harlequin and Sanderson, to Colefax and Fowler. With our internal indexing system created in-house, combined with our team’s breadth of personal knowledge, we can pick out the best sample books to start your search from the hundreds that line the shelves of our fabulous soft furnishings department.

When you are thinking about how to furnish a small lounge room, avoid heavy materials and fabrics that absorb light or weigh your room down. Linen is a perfect example of a lightweight material that increases the sense of airiness in the room.

Because our interior design team is experienced in helping you track down the perfect colours, fabric weights, and patterns for curtain making and dressing your windows, we can suggest alternatives and options for a small living room.

Are blinds an alternative to curtains for a small lounge?

Blinds can offer a spatially aware solution for a small room and is a good alternative to curtains. Choosing Roman or roller blinds gives minimal clutter and allows full light exposure, keeping your windowsill looking neat and tidy. A blind that clips into the window fitting, without the need for a bracket or cords, means that your window sills can be completely clutter free, maximising the space in a smaller room.

Choose multifunctional furniture

As they are stackable, nesting tables are the ideal space-saving furniture choice when you are considering how to furnish a small lounge room. They can easily be moved around depending on your needs meaning you don’t have to worry about cluttering up your space. 

The multi-functional nesting tables can be stacked in a corner and then pulled out when visitors arrive, offering a flexibility many other pieces can’t. Our classical walnut furniture collection works beautifully in a traditional home. 

Choose space savers for your small living room

Lees Furnishers will be able to supply stylish, luxurious space-saving options when you are considering how to furnish a small lounge room . So look no further to create your cosy

8th December 2021