Tips On How to Accessorise Your Home Beautifully

Homeware accessories are often the last step in the home design process. It’s also the step that brings everything together and adds your own style and personality to your home. If you don’t want to redecorate a room but want to change the feel or style, adding homeware accessories can be the answer. Look at the function of the room to determine how you want to accessorise and what kind of effect you’re going for.

How to Use Decoratives in Your Home

When adding decoratives, such as wall art, vases and bowls to decorative mirrors and picture frames, it is important to consider balance and scale. Each piece can be beautiful in their own right, but it’s the way you display them that can really help them to stand out and make a statement.

When arranging your décor, create odd number groupings – often the best and easiest to arrange are groups of three. Maybe try three different sizes of the same type of vase or ornament.

Your decoratives also need to have a certain balance to them. For instance, three small ornaments all sitting at the same level on a coffee table won’t look like they are meant to be there. However, if you arrange objects of different heights, they will immediately have more prominence and you will create a sense of balance.

How can I Use Colour in my Home?

Among the elegant grey and neutral tones that have been so popular for the past few years, little bursts of accent colour can change the feel and tone of a room without having to redecorate. This technique of adding in an accent colour with homeware accessories in small areas of the room is one of the quickest ways to add a point of difference to a space, while creating a coordinated scheme. Add a new chair, change the colour of a lamp shade or introduce a rug of another colour to a room to add something a bit special.

How can I Accessorise my Room With a Rug?

Rugs in our homes are akin to shoes in an outfit.  Shoes complete an outfit and it’s the same with rugs: they can be a game changer in terms of how a room looks and feels. 

A beautiful rug can serve as a focal point or as a soft background feature that allows other room elements to shine. They can also add depth; your eye will naturally follow the colour or pattern to the end. 

As with all homeware accessories, rugs add character, charm and most importantly personality to your home. Our Aurora rug, with high shine and abstract design, will create a focal point for any living space. There are so many spaces in the home that you can accessorise with rugs.

Rugs not only accessorise a room, they can help differentiate one space from the other. They can be used to separate a living area from the dining room in an open plan interior or a study area in a bedroom. Rugs of different colours and textures are particularly useful to create clear and defined sections.

Why are Mirrors Useful Homeware Accessories for a Room?

When used in the right way, mirrors can accentuate spaces by making a small area look larger or enhancing the light in a room. They can be used to frame interesting views or add a touch of drama to a space. Placed next to a lampshade, a mirror will enhance the light in the room.

Mirrors can add height, light and visual appeal to any room, while also adding personality. When it comes to purchasing the right mirror, here at Lees furnishers, we have it covered, with either contemporary or traditional designs or wall mirrors and freestanding cheval mirrors for your bedroom.

How Can Clocks Accessorise Your Home?

In years gone by, wall clocks were an essential part of our homes, however, with the progression of technology, people have turned to smartwatches and smartphones as timepieces. Now, clocks are making a return as an interior décor accessory.

A clock can act as a focal point or central decorative feature on a feature wall – choose one that defines your room’s style. Our clocks come in a variety of designs to complement your décor, from an industrial look to classic elegance, sleek contemporary or with traditional roman numerals. 

A clock is something beautiful and elegant, yet functional and comes in a wide selection of sizes to suit any room; small so they can be placed on a bedside table, or wall clocks in a range of sizes.

Can Lighting Accessorise Your Home?

Lighting is more than just an overhead bulb in the centre of the room, it generates the whole mood. Table lights not only fill a space but create an interesting focal point.

You can add drama to a hallway, subtle design statements to your living room or use lighting to showcase artwork. On a table or on the floor, lamps accessorise spaces with interesting shapes or accent colours. 

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Here at Lees Furnishers, you can browse our home décor online or visit our showroom in Grimsby for homeware accessories. From fabulous wall art décor and beautiful Handwoven shaggy rugs, to vases that let you put your personal stamp on a space, we have everything you need to accessorise your home beautifully. 

17th January 2022