What Furniture Do You Need In A Bedroom?

In many ways, a bedroom is the most important room in the house. It’s a room that should be a place of relaxation where we get the restful sleep we all need. The state of your bedroom can affect your sleep and, therefore, your mood, performance and mental health. So, an important consideration must be, what furniture you need in a bedroom.

Here at Lees Furnishers, we know that bedroom furniture should be high-quality, beautiful and comfortable, and we can supply ultimate pieces for creating a calm and luxurious bedroom environment.

What are your bedroom essentials?

  • Beds

The bed has to be the most important piece of bedroom essentials, and as such, should be given the attention it deserves.The size of your bed is always an important factor since it will determine your overall comfort and freedom when you sleep, but the dimensions of your bedroom should also be considered when choosing the size of your bed. 

Choose the right size bed for yourself and your room

The first priority of a bed is comfort, so think about how much space you need to accommodate your sleeping needs, whether you’re on your own, with a partner or have the kids joining you at some point in the night.

Additionally, before you make any new bed purchases, it’s useful to measure the space available in your room. It makes sense that some beds may be too large for small rooms, or some beds may be too wide for narrow spaces. As well as a bed that’s too big for a room will make the room feel overcrowded, it’s important to be able to move around the room freely. 

Here at Lees Furnishers, we have an extensive range of beds to explore, including beautiful divans, timeless classic wooden or upholstered bed frames. So, whether you’re looking for a bed to take centre stage, one to compliment your existing bedroom design, or a statement headboard, our meticulously selected collection fits the bill.

  • Mattresses

Of course, a mattress is vital to a good quality night’s sleep. Choosing a mattress wisely will mean considering your sleeping position: do you sleep on your back, side or stomach? The importance of using a mattress that provides enough support and comfort can’t be overlooked. Lees Furnishers offer an extensive selection of mattresses, whatever your needs: award-winning Emma mattresses, Hypnos luxury mattresses with intelligent UltraSens 15-turn pocket spring systems or Tempur memory foam mattress to name a few.

Creative, functional and beautiful storage

  • Wardrobes

Mess and clutter in your room can cause sleep deprivation, so the next consideration of what furniture you need in a bedroom should be a wardrobe. Creating a spacious clothing system, with well-organised wardrobes and drawers, creates not just a clean space, but a clean mind. Storage doesn’t have to just be practical though, it can be stylish and elegant, too.

Our Berkeley painted bedroom wardrobe range comes in pale grey, mist and haze colour range, with clean lines and a robust construction offering a stylish sense of peace and tranquility to your bedroom. The classical cabinet construction includes dovetailed joints and hand-crafted quality to store all your clothes that need to be at hand. Our Haven range is richly-grained hardwood, with classic features and made with traditional construction techniques, such as pegged joints offering a statement of craftsmanship and elegance.

  • Chest of drawers

Of course, a bedroom serves a couple of functions. As well as being a place where we rest after a long day, it is where we keep our clothes, and a chest of drawers provides practical storage space, which is a bedroom essential. Our exquisitely handcrafted chests of drawers make a unique statement with show-stopping bedroom furniture which combines sophisticated style with practical storage for all your clothing and accessories. The Normandie range of chest of drawers are perfect for giving you extra space to store all your items. Made from Indonesian mahogany from managed forests, they come in three, four and six drawer options.

  • Bedside tables

When looking for what furniture you need in a bedroom, a bedside table, right next to your bed is a useful and elegant addition to your bedroom. They will keep all essentials nearby in the morning, such as a bedside lamp, books, an alarm clock or photos of your loved ones. For a range of furniture that is stylish and unique, our Lilly painted mahogany art-deco-inspired collection includes a bedside table with left or right-sided opening.

  • Dressing tables

Finally, a dressing table often concludes what furniture you need in a bedroom. The history of the vanity began with decorative wooden boxes used by the Egyptians to hold cosmetics and grooming equipment; dressing tables, as we know them, didn’t appear until the end of the 1700s in Europe. 

At Lees Furnishers of Distinction, the dressing table is the perfect way to display timeless style in your bedroom and to provide you with the perfect place to prepare for the day, or night, ahead. A beautiful dressing table will save you from reaching for those same old cosmetics every day, as a messy space makes it difficult to see what you really have available.

Team your dressing table with a comfortable upholstered stool from either the Haven, Berkeley or Classic range.

Choose high-quality bedroom essentials

High-quality furniture will last for years and it is worth the investment. So, if you’re thinking about what furniture you need in a bedroom and are looking to redesign, or simply add a quality piece of furniture to your bedroom, Lees Furnishers of Distinction will be able to supply stylish, luxurious bedroom furniture ranges, so look no further when you are choosing bedroom furniture of distinction.

12th November 2021