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Stressless Collection at Lees

Life is seeming so surreal, a moment in time that is blurring the edges to our normal life. Our everyday living is becoming tested and we are considering different options, ways and means to existing. Please read this journal and lose your self in the moment, enjoying the beautiful form of the Stressless collection at Lees and the comfort it can offer to your home. Our Lees Furnishers website can offer you an insight into Lees and what we offer and the diverse collections of furniture, sofas, bedroom furniture, beds, flooring and soft furnishings. Please do send in enquiries and all questions will be promptly answered.

Stressless collection at Lees is a furniture collection that contemplate your body as well as your mind, ensuring comfort with style and creating the most ideal seating and setting for you and your home.

‘We have a long history of challenging the conventional way of making furniture. Understanding the science of comfort and how we move whilst seated has fuelled our innovative spirit and desire to design world class, unique furniture. The result is the perfect combination of quality and iconic design’

You can find our Stressless collection on the upper floor at Lees Furnishers in Grimsby. Vicky and Jane are specialists within Stressless and are complete with the knowledge needed to ensure you get the correct piece of Stressless furniture for your individual needs.

20th March 2020