Arianne Love | Design to fit your space!

Arianne Love | Modular Fabric Sofa | Design for your room

At Lees Furnishers we have a beautiful showroom complete with room settings illustrating to you how our furniture can look in your home. We are due to receive into our showroom the Arianne Love a modular fabric sofa. This sofa oozes a casual aesthetic with the added inspiration of being able to design the modular components your self. You can design which way your corner sits, how big you would want your corner to be and how much it dominates your room. You can choose a two seater sofa option or three seater sofa option.

The Arianne Love will create a quality and luxurious look to your living space and you can choose the desired colour and fabric to suit your home. There is many fabrics for you to choose from, pattern, colour with over 50 different options for you. If you take a look at the photographs attached you will be able to get a taste for the alternative style options.  In store we have the bar stools and accent chairs also from this collection demonstrating alternative patterns and fabrics. The Arianne Love fabric sofa will join our showroom and sit amongst the beautiful living room furniture, dining tables and chairs and leather sofas.

When you visit Lees Furnishers you can start to visualise how different pieces of furniture will start to look in your home. You can create and design a room using our soft furnishings department and their expertise with paint,wallpaper, curtains and upholstery. You can then choose your furniture and which sofa, fabric or leather would look good in your room plan and design. If you did need the complete look you can then visit our flooring department where you can choose from Amtico, vinyl and laminate, flooring and carpets.

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30th June 2020