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5 Tips For Styling a Sofa

Styling a Sofa

When styling your living room, the couch or sofa will surely be the most important piece of furniture in the room and the sofa styles must be at the forefront of your mind. For a start, it is probably the largest and most expensive item and something that other pieces of furniture are arranged around. Whether you’re updating a much-loved settee, or you want to enhance a new sofa purchase, read on to see how you can have fun styling your sofa.

How To Dress a Sofa With Cushions

pillow back sofa

When thinking about styling a sofa, a great place to start is with your couch cushions. Sofas often look best when dressed with at least two or three cushions at either end but make sure you can still comfortably sit on the sofa. Place the largest couch cushions closest to the sofa arms and then add smaller settee cushions as they work inwards. Coordinate the colour or pattern of your cushions to other accent colours in your room to bring the space together.

Update your sofa each summer and winter with season-appropriate cushions. Velvets and wool add comfort in the colder days, while neutrals and cool linens work well in the spring and summer months.

If you choose sofa styles with pillow backs, such as the Anastasia four seater sofa, limit the number of extra couch cushions you use to just one or two per side.

How to Dress a Sofa With Throws

Throw on couch

If you’re wondering how to dress a sofa with throws, take a thick, textured throw and place it over the arm of the sofa. In fact, you could layer your throws and add textured linen with tassels or fringing to make all the difference. Contrasting throws act as a foil against one another so they both get noticed and increase the cosiness of your sofa.

There’s nothing better than curling up on a sofa at the end of the day and a throw is not only a stylish addition to a sofa but also a way to keep you warm on a chilly winter’s evening. A machine-washable throw will not only save your upholstery but will also save your sofa from pet hair if you have pets that are allowed up onto furniture.

How to Style a Rug Under a Couch

It is worth knowing how to style a rug under a couch to offer another element of soft textiles to the room. A rug will anchor your sofa and stop it from floating in a room and make your room even more cosy and inviting. You don’t have to put too much of your rug under the sofa, just a few centimetres will be enough. Adding a rug with texture and pattern to a plain sofa, such as the Aurora rug, will add depth and interest to your sofa.

As a general rule, make sure your rug is at least 15 cm wider than your sofa on both sides.

Style Your Sofa with Plants

Don’t just think about what’s on your sofa. Think about what is going on around it: style your sofa with plants. Adding plants on either side will make a bold statement with your sofa. Vary the heights of your plants by placing them on a side table or use a taller plant placed on the floor of your living room. Arrange your plants on shelving behind your sofa giving a cascading effect with hanging ivy, spider plants or fern.

Add a side table to your sofa

Dressing the side table next to your sofa will not only add interest, but be useful. Add a plant, a decorative placemat for your cuppa and a lamp to add an ambient glow to your sofa. Side tables placed next to your sofa should be no higher than the height of the arm of the sofa and no lower than the height of the seat.

Where Should you Place Your Sofa

It’s a good idea to mark out with masking tape where you will place your sofa to make sure you can visualise the space it takes up and the space around it. A good tip would be to choose a small, low back sofa if your living room is small; a sofa that is on taller legs will lift them off the floor also giving an illusion of space.

Sofa styles at Lees Furnishers

There’s no doubt that thinking of your sofa styles is an important part of making your living room cosy. Here at Lees Furnishers, we have a huge range for you to choose from. Whether it’s a pillow back, fabric, corner or sofa bed, such as our Poppy two seater sofa bed with pocket sprung mattress,you can relax because we’ve got you covered. None of our sofas compromise on comfort or style with different choices in fabric, pattern and colours.

Here at Lees Furnishers, you can choose your sofa online or visit our showroom in Grimsby and enjoy your journey in styling your sofa. 

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