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Made to Measure Wave Curtains



Made to Measure Wave Curtains

Made to measure wave curtains are an alternative curtain heading that adds a sleek look to most contemporary homes. The wave header is the top of the curtain, where the fabric is gathered into unstructured softly-rippling folds. It’s a less formal look creating a relaxed and informal feel within the home. When pulled back, wave curtains avoid the bunched look that you get with regular curtain poles or tracks.

Where Do Wave Curtains Look Best?

Wave curtains are fitted to slim, discreet curtain tracks, either in or outside a recess, so they are suitable for all standard-sized windows and work particularly well in large open-plan living rooms. As the curtain track is slim, made to measure wave curtains are ideal for really tall windows or where there is limited space above the window. They require special tape and tracks.

If you’re short on space or want to create an elegant look, wave curtains can be fitted to the ceiling instead of the window frame, making your windows feel taller than they really are. Unlike regular curtains, some fabrics are not suitable for hanging as wave top curtains because the fabric you use needs to be able to drape well. So, In general, heavy or stiff fabrics are unlikely to be suitable. A fabric that features an irregular stripe pattern that goes against the waves formed by the tracks would not be suitable either. Cotton, voile and some silks are a good choice for made to measure wave curtains.

Due to the even and uniform way that they fall, with equidistant, regimented neat folds, wave curtains are an excellent way to show off repeating patterns to their best effect.

The simple styling of a wave curtain makes an elegant and contemporary look. We will take all relevant measurements prior to creating your perfect made to measure wave curtains.

As an alternative to the traditional wave curtain, Tempo wave curtains create soft waves that look good in any room of your home. Similar to wave curtains but the folds are a little more relaxed and not quite as regimented or structured as normal typical curtains.

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