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Amtico At Lees Furnishers

Inspire you at Lees Furnishers with our Amtico One experience. The experience can guide you to excellence by placing a chosen Amtico design into your home by the use of their technology. It is always hard to visualise what flooring might look like in your home and how it can work in certain spaces but with this technology you can experience this with a visual statement. At Lees Furnishers we have a dedicated team in place expertly knowledgeable and ready to help you on your design journey.

At Lees Furnishers we strive to help you with our expert advise, our team are knowledgeable and expertly trained across every area of the Lees Furnishers showroom. This knowledge and advise can most certainly be useful when you are re-designing your home, accompanying existing design or in need of advise with an existing element within your home.

When you visit the Lees Furnishers Flooring showroom and you are considering this brand you simply will need to provide a photograph of the space of which you would like to occupy, we can then work with you, design with you and create a bespoke design for your home.

Lees are the singular Amtico One specialist in Lincolnshire. Contact us for more information.

18th February 2020