Home Interior Design Trends To Keep You Up To Date

What are the Latest Home Interior Design Trends?

We tend to decorate and style our homes taking into account the latest home interior design trends. Interior design trends for 2022 are vast and varied with new colours, textures, materials and moods. 

After the last two years, how we want to spend time in our homes has changed – what their purpose is has shifted, and this has affected every decision we’re making about decor. There is now a bigger shift into home entertaining and creating spaces in which to have fun. Also, have you noticed how many people who are being interviewed at home since lockdown, rather than in a television studio, are interviewed in front of a bookcase? The impression we want to give of ourselves is reflected in our homes.

Furniture Trends in 2022

We have been forced to slow down and spend more time in our homes, so comfortable softer shapes and angles are set to be a big trend in 2022. Homes will be more unique and reflect a space where people feel comforted and themselves. So, anything goes, from contemporary to vintage or minimalist to opulent. With the landscape of interiors constantly evolving, you may choose an interior designer to help you make your choices. This is something that here at Lees Furnishers: we can help with colours, trends, styles and finding your own unique style.

What are the latest Interior Design Colours?

While grey has been popular for interior design colours for the past few years, its reign may start to decline in 2022. With influencers, such as Mrs Hinch, moving away from grey and turning to a mix of grey and beige, we have the latest colour, greige: a natural Scandinavian-inspired look. For those who prefer a neutral palette greige is a warmer tone than grey but still more neutral than full on beige. The warm, yet neutral palette enriches any environment and provides a perfect backdrop for stronger colours and patterns.

If neutrals aren’t your thing, there are some positive and bright colours for interior design colours that smack of optimism after a couple of years of turbulent times. Sunny and bold yellows are making a resurgence after several years of popularity in the 90s; blue breathing new life into homes, creating a feeling of freedom and escape in the aftermath of the pandemic and soft shades of green will help us fall back in love with nature. The preferred shades of green in 2022 are sophisticated and subtle pastel green, sage and green-grey blends.

Interior Design Trends in the Bedroom

The most important feature of a bedroom must surely be comfort with a cosy and relaxing backdrop coming in a close second. Clutter shouldn’t distract from the calm of your bedroom, so a divan bed, such as the Tempur Ardennes Adjustable Massage Divan, with hidden drawers underneath, will fit the bill. Match your bed with a contemporary upholstered Hypnos Josephine Shallow headboard in a range of sizes and fabrics. 

Next, dress your bed like a five-star hotel with layers of throws in a combination of textiles and colours. Mix cushions in different colours and sizes, using an odd number of cushions. 

For those of you who have been wanting to inject a dose of colour into your bedroom, you can be as creative as you want with your bedroom furniture. Choose from reclaimed wood, painted or solid Indonesian mahogany wardrobes and dressers from the Normandie range. Or choose an accent chair to add a feature and a different colour to your bedroom.

2022 Sofa Styles

In 2022, our homes are working harder than ever, and we need designs that can keep up with flexible solutions in our homes. Sofas are not only a comfortable place on which to lie down and relax, but are also an informal place to socialise. When looking for a sofa, think of your sofa as somewhere more than just somewhere to sit, there are many different styles for 2022, including:

  • Angular sofas
  • Bolster cushions
  • Multi-directional sofas
  • Sofas with shelf ends
  • Modular sofas

Modular sofas are functional and comfortable: they arrive in separate parts, making them a practical solution for older houses or flats where the accessibility may be compromised.

The Jacaranda collection is modular, meaning you can choose the size and configuration to fit your room. Available in both leather and fabric, the corner sofa is available in both left and right-hand styles.

Your sofa is an important investment that will stay in your home for a long time, so it’s important to choose a sofa that doesn’t only fit the current trend but can adapt to future changes as well. 2022 trends focus on function and versatility.

House Plants 

More and more, we are wanting to bring the outside in, and house plants will continue to dominate our decorating schemes in 2022. In fact, paint companies have launched entire palettes of colours to reflect the boom of houseplant lovers that has emerged across the nation. 

House plants are interior design trends that don’t just look good and boost your mood, they also clean the air by absorbing toxins, increasing humidity and producing oxygen. Style your room by arranging in odd numbers with plants of different heights and shapes. The pots you choose can be based on personal taste with different materials and colours.

Do I Need an Interior Designer?

If you feel like you need a hand with planning your home, our interior designer here at Lees Furnishers can provide initial design concepts. With space-saving proposals, product and material specifications, an interior designer can manage a project from concept to completion. Here at Lees, our dedicated styling team will work with you to make sure you have the home you always wanted. They will use colour palettes to coordinate the colours either in one room or throughout your house and bring your vision to life. 

So what’s stopping you? If you’re looking for home interior design trends to update your home, look no further than us here at Lees. We are sure to have what you’re looking for.


10th June 2022