Contemporary Large Garden Designs To Stand Out From the Rest

Are you looking for large garden design ideas for your contemporary garden? Raised beds, geometric shapes, wooden decking and seating areas all offer sophistication. By concentrating on creating clean lines, using stone, wood and metal, you can create chic contemporary large garden designs. 

Create a Decking Area

Garden decking provides zones and boundaries and gives an outdoor living room idea. Additionally, using different flooring choices helps give the garden a sense of purpose and a clear indication of different zones. From a dedicated dining area, to a play area or a relaxation zone complete with fire pit.

More than just practical, decking can echo designs from internal décor. If your home features large glazed panels or windows at the back, link the decking with your interior designs. Consider matching wood colour or style to kitchen units, your flooring or even your furniture.

Large garden design ideas for the Change of Seasons

Your garden will alter over the changing seasons through the course of the year. Before designing your garden, to ensure your home is surrounded by colour and interest throughout the seasons, consider the plants for the seasons. Consider planting daffodils and snowdrops to flower in the spring; sunflowers and zinnias in the spring; celosia and asters in the autumn and evergreen carex with its sleek arching leaves in the winter.

For a luxury garden look, include ornamental grasses as part of a minimalist planting approach.

Creating a Wildlife Area in Your Garden

Making an area in our gardens wildlife friendly doesn’t necessarily mean that we have to leave them to grow into wild jungles. There are lots of simple things we can do to help wild animals, from making sure that they have access to different habitats, to nurturing well-stocked feeding grounds for them.

Leave an area of your garden to let your grass grow to make space for plant and insect species, including butterflies and wildflowers

Add a Water Feature to Your Garden

Water features enhance any large garden designs, providing ornamental interest, soothing sound and a habitat for wildlife. Calming trickling sounds can be generated by a fountain, while a pond will allow you to grow aquatic plants and provide a home for newts, frogs and dragonflies.

A variety of stainless steel sphere water features are very popular in contemporary gardens, and the range of sizes available means there’s something in these designs for everyone. They shine in the sunlight beautifully and the simple yet effective design looks great in all modern gardens. These features are available in a whole range of sizes from 30cm, to 100cm, meaning they can be placed anywhere in your garden.

Add a Sculpture to Your Garden

To create a modern landscape, try adding sculptural features. It’s an easy way to incorporate curved elements in an otherwise natural landscape. Use contemporary garden statues and ornaments to achieve contrasting textures, or mix materials, such as glass, stone, steel or concrete for an enhanced effect. 

Sculptures can transform your garden by catching and directing the eye, complementing plants and reflecting the light. They can be used to improve a view or enhance a landscape. Use limited editions or unique pieces to add individuality and personality to your garden.

How to Use Garden Furniture

In large garden designs, you could consider using garden furniture to create different spaces for various purposes. Focused areas could include a laid back seating area with outdoor sofas, armchairs and coffee table, a barbecue area, an al fresco dining area and or just a space to simply relax in with daybeds and sun loungers.

It’s useful to choose garden furniture that’s both practical and stylish; quality pieces will look beautiful all year round. In investing in quality garden furniture, you can also be sure that you won’t have to replace your garden furniture year after year, as it is designed to last.

Create an Outdoor Kitchen

Adding an outdoor kitchen will make the most of your garden all year long. The best outdoor kitchen will ensure you have more than just a place to cook. As well as having a cooking area, you can have preparation and storage space as well as a barbecue, pizza or outdoor oven. If you want to go all out, you may even consider features such as a fridge and sink for the most sophisticated take on an outdoor kitchen.

Eat in Style With an Outdoor Dining Area

To compliment an outdoor cooking area in your design, an outdoor dining space is a great addition for sunny, spring and summer days. Consider our contemporary modular garden dining set the perfect blend of style, design, comfort and craftsmanship. It can be tailored for flexible dining and assembled  to fit your unique garden space, suiting a left or right-hand configuration. 

The modern modular garden dining set is based around a glass-topped rattan garden dining table for summer parties, BBQs and evening drinks.  Additionally, a bistro set is a stylish addition as a dining space within a smaller section of your garden, patio or balcony.

So, for your contemporary large garden design ideas, keep your lines and planting simple, create zones, add sculpture and water features. Then, after all your hard work, sit back and enjoy the features of your large garden designs.

16th March 2022