Carpets vs Wood Floors – What Should You Choose?

st important element to consider when comparing carpets vs wood floors. There are some rooms in the home that generally suit carpets over wood flooring and some where a carpet may not be the right choice. In general, the average British home consists of around five rooms including a living room, kitchen, multiple bedrooms and at least one bathroom. 

In general, when you are decorating a bathroom you will more than likely choose a laminate, LVT or laminate wood floor. Trends obviously do change. For example, in the 1960s carpet was commonly placed in a lot of bathrooms. But as the quality of wood and laminate flooring has increased it has slowly become the most common flooring material in bathrooms. On the other hand, people will generally look to use carpet in bedrooms as it gives a more comfortable, relaxing feel to the room. Carpets vs wood floors really depends on where you are decorating and should be one of the major considerations you make when designing your room.

What is the overall aesthetic you are going for?

Another thing to consider is how you would like the room to look and feel once it is complete. Often, people will have a clear goal in mind when they are decorating their rooms and will have an image of what they wish their room to look like. Generally, flooring is considered to be one of the most important aspects of interior design alongside wall designs and ceilings. 

There are many different kinds of carpets that are available in a diverse range of colours, piles and textures. Similarly, there are many different types of wood flooring again in terms of colour, grain and style. If you are looking for a more open space with a lighter finish you could consider either a light-coloured carpet or a lighter tone of wood. Or if you are looking for a warmer, more comforting aesthetic it may be worth picking out a darker coloured carpet with a deeper pile. This would be perfect for creating a homely living room or bedroom. You may also consider combining the two. Rather than choosing carpet or wood, why not go for a wooden floor with a nice rug to complete your room.

Benefits of Carpets vs Wood Floors Benefits

The main benefits of carpets and wood floors depend on what your wants and needs are for your flooring. The benefits of carpets include:

  • Providing a comfortable space
  • Softer surface and feel underfoot
  • Helping to prevent allergies
  • Long-lasting, premium flooring

Whereas the main benefits of wood floors are:

  • Incredible strength and durability
  • Stylish and evergreen design
  • Easy maintenance
  • Suits a wide variety of different décors 

Whilst these benefits should be considered for both, they can sometimes be quite similar and can often come down to the wants and needs of the individual. This is why it is often more important to consider what room you are decorating and what the aesthetic is that you are trying to achieve. 

Other Things to Consider

Some other things that you may wish to consider with the issue of carpets vs wood floors include how easy they are to clean, whether they will affect the heat retention of your room or whether or not you need the added protection that a soft carpet provides. With cleaning, wooden floors are very easy to keep clean, but with modern vacuum cleaners, carpets are just as easy to maintain. Carpet or wood will also change how heat behaves in a room. If your rooms are cold then a carpet will help to retain heat, but if your rooms get hot too easily you may consider a wooden floor to provide a cooler feel. Other flooring options to consider include Amtico flooring. This luxury vinyl tile gives you a wide range of patterns and colours for a high-quality, refined look. It can also be used in almost any room in the house from Kitchens and bathrooms to living rooms and bedrooms. 

If you would like to find out further information about carpets vs wood floors and which would best suite your home please contact us today to speak with one of our experts.

11th August 2021