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Venjakob Designers

Venjakob a highly renowned furnishing manufacturer creating the most beautifully engineered furniture and furniture design. They create ranges of furniture within their collection, offering design and style to suit different themes, rooms and people. At Lees Furnishers we offer the new Plan X a furniture collection PLAN X is synonymous with planning that inspires and furniture to fall in love with. A total of 4 different planning ranges.

Look forward to 4 modular fronts that can be freely combined with each other, along with more than 100 room combinations and attractive furniture elements for highly individual planning. All materials and the quality of craftsmanship are typically manufactured German products.

Your options at a glance: X1 is colourful, with colour lacquered compartments. X2 is striking, with lacquer and striking wood. X3 is natural, with real wood and fine rear panel accents. And X4 is timeless, with modern fronts and expressive wood graining.

7th September 2020