Living Room Furniture | Traditional or Modern

What do you have in your living room ? | Tv Unit | Sideboard | Console Table | Furniture Set | Shelving


We spend a lot of our time living in our living room. Whether it to chat, socialise, entertain, watch the television or simply relax. At Lees Furnishers we have a large selection of living room furniture, traditional or modern, that can help you on your journey to an ideal living room. We have individual pieces of furniture like the Arno Furniture collection, with a console table, sideboard and a TV low board creating an instant style and setting for your living room.

Alternatively we have the Plan X furniture collection from Venjakob which works with combinations of furniture creating a singular unit, traditional or modern. The furniture from Venjakob is styled, modern and oozes contemporary design. Where as the Arno furniture offers simplicity and a beautiful dark wood finish lending itself equally to tradition mixed with the modern.

The living room is an extremely important room for every home, allowing you relax after a long days work and soak in home and family life. We have a large range of living room furniture in our Lees Showroom, displayed with fabric sofas, leather sofas, accent chairs and accessories offering you the opportunity to style the entirety of your room. In addition to this you can visit the soft furnishings department and peruse through the fabric and wallpapers from renowned designers if you wanted to add the final detail and stretch your design.

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11th March 2020