Winter 2016/2017 – the Danish concept of ‘hygge’

//Winter 2016/2017 – the Danish concept of ‘hygge’

Winter 2016/2017 – the Danish concept of ‘hygge’

The big look of this season may not be anything new or original, but it’s certainly something to write home about.

We’re talking about the Danish concept of hygge.

Hygge (pronounced hue-gah) focuses attention on the home as a place of sanctuary created by the appreciation and celebration of simple pleasures. Hygge can’t be pigeonholed as a design style and it’s certainly not ‘fashion’, in fact, it was first documented in the eighteenth century and represents a core element of Scandinavian living.

Whilst there’s no direct translation in the English language, hygge is essentially an outlook and a mood, it’s the feeling you get when you’re in the moment, enjoying simple pleasures surrounded by the things you like, and the people you want to be with.

Hygge focuses attention on everyday things that have been carefully chosen for there meaning and attachment rather than being purely decorative or representative of a particular fashion. The overall look is cosy minimalism and is simple rather than clinical. The preference to avoid clutter (including technology) even just for a short while is about appreciating classic, modern, old and new favourites. It’s definitely eclectic but is never jarring.

The hygge home is about creating a safe, nurturing environment and presumably one that’s warm given its Nordic origins and so texturally, it’s about rugs, throws and blankets, layering weaves, knits and tweeds of all weights.

The colour palette is, as you’d expect, based on natural tones. Grey, white, cream and earthy browns. This neutral pallet is always shown at its best when contrasted with shots of colour to provide visual texture and hygge embraces ‘loved’ pieces, perhaps from past schemes, so that brightly painted silk scatter cushion, plush velvet throw and vintage tea set can still be incorporated. Further sources of interest and contrast can be introduced in the form of geometric patterns, heavy glass ornaments and copper detailing.

An important aspect of creating the right mood is through lighting that can be turned low for relaxing or built up in layers for everyday living. Like most hygge elements, lighting is simple, almost functional in design with low-hanging simple glass jars, fairy lights and a signature element of hygge – candles.

Exploring hygge at Lees.

Ask our design team for help in creating you hygge.

There’s no shortage of hygge inspiration at Lees this season!

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