WESTWOOD Maxi DEEP Satchel, Tote, Byron or Indiana Leather - Option 1/2

Westwood Maxi Leather Sofa

£2,830.00£3,088.00 £2,264.00£2,470.00

Westwood Leather Sofa(no scatters)

£2,418.00£2,778.00 £1,934.00£2,222.00
WESTWOOD Maxi DEEP Satchel, Tote, Byron or Indiana Leather

Westwood Midi Sofa Leather

£2,520.00£2,700.00 £2,016.00£2,160.00

Deeper proportions for an even more sumptuous sit. The Westwood features beautiful fabrics in molton metallic mixes

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Our experience with Lees has been nothing short of wonderful. They’ve really taken the time to understand our vision. 

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