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Design Talk

Spring/Summer 2016

As the outdoor environment merges from winter to spring with barely imperceptible differences, it’s appropriate that this interior season also moves on seamlessly with subtle nuances of colour and pattern offering a new twist and a breath of fresh air.

Grey remains the predominant tone within the neutral palette, accessorised and softened by embracing a touch of spring warmth with soft peach and muted pink tones.

The natural inspired look also remains strong, but if you were beginning to think this all sounds a...

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Interior Styling

Lees in-house styling team is here to support you in putting a great look together for your home.

Our interior styling team will work with you to build a look that’s right for you, be that for one room or for your entire house. It may be a case of finding the right shape of sofa, or the most practical and beautiful flooring solutions through to suggestions for the perfect accessories. Our designers know our product...

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Home Visits

Our showroom will give you all the inspiration you could wish for, particularly if you’re looking to develop a new room scheme, or a total refurbishment.

We understand that it can be difficult to translate what you’ve seen in our showroom to how it will actually look and work in your home.

This is why we offer a home visit service to take the guesswork out of creating your perfect...

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